#TheQueenMzansi: Connie Ferguson (Karabo) & Tau Excite Fans With their Love Story

After what some fans of The Queen Mzansi consider more than ideal circumstances, Karabo and Tau were finally pronounced husband and wife. Again. 

The couple just cannot get enough of each other, and they solidify their bond by repeating what they have already done – getting married. 

Are the fans complaining? Far from it. Fans are mostly excited (based on responses so far) by Karabo and Tau’s relationship. In fact, as far as some of them are concerned, the two actors’ relationship is to be emulated because it shows what true love is. 

Karabo is played by no other than Connie Ferguson, who now runs Ferguson Films following the death of her husband. Until Shona Ferguson’s death from coronavirus complications, he was one of the most-loved figures in South African film. He and Connie were thought of as the perfect couple, and many looked up to them. 

He may no longer be a part of the material plane, but Shona’s beautiful love story is being lived in film as his wife interprets her role in The Queen Mzansi, one of South Africa’s most loved and longest-running telenovelas.

But how long will the Tau-Karabo love story last. Time will tell. So stay tuned.

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