#TheWifeShowmax: Excitement As Season Begins, Featuring Hlomu, Mqhele, Naledi, Qhawe & Xoli

The third and final season of the soaraway soapie The Wife is here, and as you can expect, expectations have reached fever pitch, with fans sharing their thoughts on what to expect, as well as the replacements made.

The show had gone on a hiatus in May ahead of its third and final season. And for members of the “5 am Club,” as fans of the series are concerned, life was never the same with that hiatus. Anyway, the final season is here, and you would certainly love to meet Naledi: His Love.

The third and final season has several characters, all right. But it is clear that viewers are just focusing on some of them.


Mqhele has been described as a show-stealer, but he is not alone in that endearing description. The Mqhele character has a new actor in the person of Wiseman Mncube. The thespian appears ready for the role and to carve a place for himself. From the reactions to his acting, it is clear that fans are sold already.

The role was previously played by Bonko Khoza, who was quite electrifying during his time in the film. Some tweeps even want him back.


Mbali Mavimbela is Hlomu this season. And as far as some viewers are concerned, she understands the role very much and plays it with grace. However, some viewers think the chemistry between her and Mqhele has not been particularly significant. And they expect improvements in new episodes.


Royalty. That’s one phrase several viewers have used to describe her. Her chemistry with Qhswe has also been lauded. For others, though, they still have their eyes trained on her, and the coming days should reveal


he wasn’t particularly prominent in past seasons of the show. In the third season, though, Qhawe is the man – the lead. And he was superlative in the role earning the adoration of those who watched him. The role is played by no other than Kwenzo Ngcobo.


Sambulo was believed to have been killed last season. In a twist of fate, he popped in this season and took out time to narrate how he survived the attempt on his life. Here, though, he isn’t alone, as Xoli, a physically attractive woman, is introduced this season as his love interest. Beyond beauty, Xoli is quite a shot – your sniper.

Season three has only just gotten started. But the reactions so far will undoubtedly please the scriptwriters and producers of the show. Ending on an explosive note would be the real shebang!

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