This Body Works For Me: Samke & Others For New Showmax Show

This Body Works For Me sound so like a personal affirmation, which indeed it is, although not everyone would want to be associated with it given its seemingly negative vibes.

But that is the title of a new ShowMax series that features several ladies conversant with the “body work” industry, or else in a position to translate the same into a series, including Samke.

Samke is a Twitter star of sorts, infamous for her delight in her body and advertising of the same via her OnlyFans page, which fans can access for a little fee.

This Body Works For Me is ShowMax’s attempt to open up the world of the adult industry and the lives of some of the people who work in it. Of course, not everyone would love to come out about their interest in, or involvement with, the adult industry. But some are courageous enough, and given the interest this has generated, Showmax decided to walk with it. The result is This Body Works For Me.

This Body Works For Me: Samke &Amp; Others For New Showmax Show 2

Apart from Samke, who says that it is important to her that people learn about body positivity, others on the cast include Xoli, the self-proclaimed biggest pornstar in Africa, who says she is quiet and non-dramatic and all about having fun, Wandy (also of Only Fans) and Gina.

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