This Is Why Nadia Nakai x AKA Collaboration Will Not Happen

Rapper, reveals why she won’t be collaborating with anytime soon.

The MC who is known to be under the camp, got online with and was asked among other questions, if she will be getting on a song with anytime soon.

replied that she wouldn’t get on any song with because she knows it won’t be getting any positive attention from her fans.

Nadia continued that she is a fan of and she has never gotten disrespected by him in any way but the fact is, most of her listeners are Cassper’s fans and they will feel really disrespected if she got on a song with AKA.

opined, the Cassper he knows won’t have any problem with her getting on a song with AKA. Nadia maintained that both rappers had die hard fans, who would take an opposition to listening to song from a rival camp.

Watch the video below;

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