This Weekend Channel O Lockdown House Party (26th-27th March, 2021) Lineup

Luyar, TxC, Ozzil Waves, DJ Lyle, DJ Papi, Citizen Deep, Lady Du, PH, Amaroto, Shimza, Eun-El Musician, Da Capo, Zakwe and Duncan To Wow Fans on the forthcoming Channel O lockdown house party

The of DJ Shimza and friends has got a hot lineup this week and, as usual, South Africa is excited about what is imminent.

Continuing its famous tradition, the begins this Friday (today 26 March) and continues tomorrow Saturday 27 March. Also, the time remains unchanged. The House part will start at 6pm and end at midnight.

Artistes on the lineup for today Friday are Luyar, TxC, Ozzil Waves, DJ Lyle, DJ Papi and Citizen Deep.

For the following day’s show (Saturday 27 March), the times of the show beginning and ending remain unchanged. However, a new crop of artistes will take over to entertain viewers.

Those on the lineup for Saturday  include DJ lady Du, pH, Amaroto, Shimza, Sum-El Musician, DJ Sumbody, Da Capo, Zakwe & Duncan.

Zakwe and will open the party at 6pm and close his set at 7pm. Da Capo will take over immediately, ending his set at 8pm. Next on the line is DJ Sumbody, who will end his set an hour later, at 9pm. Sun-El Musician will take over from him and end his set by 10pm. Shimza and pH will use the last two hours left of the day.

The will be streamed exclusively on Channel O. are you looking forward to it?

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