#ThisBodyWorksForMe: Viewers Debate Samke’s Choices & Experiences

For some of South Africa’s reality show lovers, This Body Works For Me, which goes by the Twitter hashtag #ThisBodyWorksForMe, is currently the in-thing, with Samke, an OnlyFans star, as one of the key attractions.

The latest episode of the reality show has many fans debating about Samke’s life and how it affects her children – or might in the coming years given the nature of her job.

While some tweeps agree that she was a victim of a childhood she didn’t choose, they insist she wasn’t alone in her bad experiences, and she appeared unwilling to take responsibility for her own life as an adult.

According to some of her critics, if she were, she would have learned from her experiences and decided to raise her children right instead of making them go through similar trauma by not raising them well.

Some tweeps are irritated that she has even been given a platform, with one of them complaining that the media rewards the worst in society with a platform while the good ones are ignored. The verdict came after Samke avowed her love for drugs, declaring them to be like alcohol but without destructive effects. You can check out some of the comments below.

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This Body Works For Me brings together some figures pushing the “body positivity” narrative in South Africa.

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