Thomas Kingston, Pippa Middleton’s Ex-Boyfriend, Dead At 45

It is said that in life we are in death and that no one knows when death will intrude and end things for the living. So people just live their lives hoping for the best.

Well, for Thomas Kingston death came calling at the age of 45. Until his death, he was a notable financier and the husband of Lady Gabriella. Before getting married to her. he’d dated Pippa Middleton.

Thomas’s death came as a great shock to the family, as seen from the statement released soon after on behalf of Lady Gabriella Kingston, Martin and Jill Kingston, Joanna Connolly and Emma Murray.

The family asked that the public respect their privacy as they mourn their loss and prepare for his funeral. It is unclear what led to his death, and his family has yet to say anything regarding that either.

However, sources say there is currently no suspicion regarding his demise, with no parties involved as well.

Thomas’s death came barely four years after his marriage into royalty. He has a bachelor’s degree in economic history from Bristol University. He’s also worked at several companies, including Schroders Capital, Davenport Capital and Voltan Capital. He would be missed for his effortless charms.

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