Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Journalists From Interviewing Will & Jada Smith

Jada Smith and Will Smith are no longer an item. But the way journalists appear to be focusing on them and their failed relationship has angered some peeps around the world.

And to make their anger known, they have begun a petition to ensure that journalists stop interviewing the two. Some fans think interviewing Will and Jada will only bring bad memories and complicate things for the two, who are no longer together.

Some of the fans have made it clear that they are tired of the endless publication about the private lives of the duo.

Dexter Morales had launched the petition, on, to get journalists to stop interviewing the couple. At the time of writing, over 2,300 people had signed the petition.

Will and Jada made headlines last year after Jada discussed their sex life on a public platform. Things actually deteriorated after it emerged that she had been “entangled” with the singer August Alsina. Their relationship deteriorated badly from there.

It was fodder for the press around the world. A year later, the interest in the duo has not abated. Then came the petition. But would it make the change Dexter desires? The coming days should reveal a lot.

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