Thuli Phongolo Talks Criticisms Of Her Dancing

South African DJ Thuli Phongolo faces sporadic criticisms over what her compatriots think is her forced dance moves. The songstress recently linked up with Sleda The Dancing DJ and the two formed a DJ duo called 2Faced SA.

While most South Africans seemingly have no quarrel with Slenda herself, they easily fault Thuli. They had previously asked her to leave all the dancing to Slenda, but somehow Thuli could not resist the spirit of dancing. So she finds herself dancing again and again.

She accepts the criticisms but has no plans to stop anytime soon. She revealed this much and more during a sit-down with Ukhozi FM. In that interview, she also admitted that her dancing is not up to par with that of her DJ mate Slenda. But that’s by the way.

She noted that as a duo, they agreed to be their authentic selves and not mimic each other. Whether they have lived up to that recently in the estimation of their fans is unclear. For Thuli, though, the beat goes on. She has no control over what the public might say about her dance moves and has no interest in being ruled or controlled by the public’s opinion.

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