Thuso Mbedu’s European Getaway In Pictures & Videos

Thuso Mbedu’s European Getaway In Pictures & Videos

South Africa-born actress THuso Mbedu continues to thrill her fans and compatriots back home with her adventures around the world. Her recent snaps were of her getaway to Europe and her fans couldn’t get enough of them.

In recent posts on her official Instagram page, the actress, who is now a notable face in Hollywood, had shared snaps of her in Dubrovnik, Croatia, generally having a good time. In one of the posts she shared, she told a story about the birth of her sister and how she, Thuso, brought light into that sister’s life when she was born.

The comment section was thronged by her compatriots celebrating her and the joy of her adventures in Europe. Some used it as an opportinuty to ask her when she would be popping back into South Africa. You can check out the posts below.

Thuso Mbedu is one of the few South Africans who have broken into the American movie universe and she continues to grow in appeal as an actress there. These days, she shuttles between the United States and South Africa, dropping now and then into other countries around the world.

And yes, her compatriots couldn’t be more proud of what she has achieved so early.