Thuso Motaung Drops Bombshell On Thabo Kofa

It is rarely ever funny when people fall apart. More often than not, it leads to acrimony, with claims and counterclaims. And this is why for most people, the dream is to work amicably, forever in amity. But then, life does not always go according to people’s dreams.

Veteran media personality Thuso Motaung is one man who earnestly wished things had turned out well in his workplace. But then hadn’t. And now he is reeling from it all.

In a recording that had many holding their breath, Thuso Motaung could be heard noting that sportscaster Thabo Kofa should be held responsible if anything should happen to him, his wife, and his children. In the recording, he claimed Kofa orchestrated attacks on him and his family over work-related issues.

The Makgulong A Matala host claimed that people close to Kofa threatened his children with death. At the time of writing, Kofa had not responded to the allegations against his person. How he responds will determine a lot of things, including what angle the case takes.

For now, South Africans are watching events keenly to see what happens amid the unfolding drama. Stay tuned, as well will be here to bring you more juice.

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