Ticketmaster Faces Potential Investigation Over Ticket Sales

At this rate, it is looking like one year, one trouble or accusation against ticketing behemoth Ticketmaster. Calls are currently ongoing for the probe of the company over what has been described as unfair competition in the Netherlands.

The current call for an investigation into the company was said to have been a result of the controversy generated over the resale of Lowland tickets. Lowlands have made it only possible for ticket resales to take place on the Ticketmaster platform, excluding other ticketing platforms thereby leading to a semblance of monopoly – which would not benefit the people generally.

Ticketmaster reportedly allows the resale of Lowlands tickets for a 20 per cent hike, as well as charges service costs twice, thereby increasing the cost of the ticket to about 400 euros each – something that should normally sell for 300 euros.

What’s more, the tickets are only available on Ticketmaster and nowhere else, leaving people with no choice but to fork out an exorbitant sum, And yes, people are not happy with this. The result is the call for Ticketmaster to be investigated.

This isn’t the first time Ticketmaster has faced scrutiny or event sanctions, however. Back in 2020, it was fined $10m for business “intrusions.” Will a similar fate befall it?

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