Tiger Woods Off to a Good Start at the Masters

Five-time world champion Tiger Woods had a remarkable comeback at the Masters tournament yesterday. It was a memorable return to a sport he has a deep affection for and one to which he appears inextricably linked.

In fact, as far as many of his fans are concerned, Tiger Woods is golf and golf is Tiger Woods. This verdict might have merit in the sense that the champ is returning to the sport after a ghastly accident in which he almost lost his legs and doctors considered amputating one of them.

While at the  Augusta National clubhouse yesterday, Thursday, and gearing to take a shot at his 6th title, Tiger Woods had observed that once the adrenaline kicks in and he gets fired up, he can get down to business quickly.

And he did just that on Thursday in what is his first competitive game in more than a year. Although it drizzled, it wasn’t enough to dampen his spirit. He got off to what many would consider a got start.

Here are the stats:

  • No. 1, 445 yards, par 4
  • No. 2, 575 yards, par 5
  • No. 3, 350 yards, par 4
  • No. 4, 240 yards, par 3
  • No. 5, 495 yards, par 4
  • No. 6, 180 yards, par 3
  • No. 7, 450 yards, par 4
  • No. 8, 570 yards, par 5
  • No. 9, 460 yards, par 4
  • No. 18, 465 yards, par 4

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