TikTok’s ‘Dr’ Matthew Lani’ Denied By Wits University

Wits University says TikTok’s ‘Dr’ Matthew Lani’ is not a graduate of their institution.

Dr Matthew Lani’s claims to be a medical doctor who graduated from the Wits University has been slammed by the institute. They say they have no record of him. A statement released by the University reads,

“Wits University is obliged to set the public record straight following claims made by ‘Dr Matthew Lani’ on various social media platforms.”

“Based on the names presented to the institution and the facts on hand, the university cannot find any person who graduated by the name of Matthew Bongani Zingelwa or Sanele Zingelwa in recent years. We are requesting ‘Dr Matthew Lani’ to retract any such claim with immediate effect,”

In another tweet, they also stated that Lani has never worked for them.

“We’d like to state for the record that Dr Matthew Lani, aka Matthew Bongani Zingelwa, aka Sanele Zingelwa, has never worked here.”

A former post by The Gauteng Health Department in which it featured the alleged imposter in a promotional campaign on June 16 last year has been deleted.

In the video, Lani’ claimed to be a medical intern at the Helen Joseph Hospital. He was described as an HIV/Aids activist. Reacting to the backlash, Lani’ said,

“People will be negative for the sake of being negative. Despite there being videos where I am addressing this matter, people are ignoring it because right now they are having fun with the negativity.”

“My employer is aware that my name on social media is different to my legal name, and I am in compliance with the social media guidelines of the HPCSA.”

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