TI’s Gives Son “King” Who Got Into A School Fight His Support

TI’s teenage son named King allegedly got into a brutal fight at his high school on Wednesday the 15th of January 2020 and a video of the fight was allegedly posted on social media.

American Hip-hop mogul, TI’s 15 year old son reportedly entered into a serious fight with an unnamed class mate. According to talks going around on social media the unnamed teenager was trying to bully his son, King but like his father he wasn’t ready to allow himself to be bullied. The two boys then in turn decided to sort out the matter with a fight.

The fight was scheduled for the rest room inside the private school, King despite not been big as his counterpart fought equally with his contender. According to the report neither of them was injured during the fight and the school officials promised to punish the offenders. TI’s son was said to be fighting off a bully.

TI who is all about family values did not see what his son, King did wrong but in fact praised him for fighting back at his bully because if a bully is left to continue in their bullying it might lead to an unpleasant scenario. Watch video below:

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