Tito Mboweni & Lamola Roasted Over Shoe Choice

Give it to South Africans to always share their thoughts on subjects they feel strongly about, especially concerning the ruling class. Well, they have just taken shots at former finance minister Tito Mboweni and current attorney general Ronald Lamola.

The two were photographed together. Either Lamola had visited Tito or the other way round. The point is that the two were together and the former finance minister had shared a picture of them, saying “Nice visit” as a caption.

South Africans were focused on the shoes the two of them wore more than they were on what was said. So they trolled both Lamola and Mboweni over their shoes. As far as their critics were concerned, the shoes both of them wore were inappropriate.

It is unclear what would have been appropriate in this context, but then, the people have made known their thoughts. You can check out the post below.

Tito Mboweni &Amp; Lamola Roasted Over Shoe Choice 2

On a good day, Tito Mboweni would be posting about his process in the kitchen, only occasionally talking about politics. Now that he decided to take a break from both, it appeared like the trolls wouldn’t let him be either. Lol. Maybe it’s time to return to the kitchen for a broth?

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