Tito Mboweni’s Poverty Claims Dismissed Again

He may no longer be South Africa’s finance minister is still sporadically in the news. If tweeps aren’t talking about his culinary skills, they are focused on other aspects of his life and style.

Years ago, South African rapper Cassper Nyovest had done a song named for the former finance minister, “Tito Mboweni,” in which he implied the minister is very rich. Since then, some people have been using the name to imply being rich.

On that count, maybe it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that some still consider him monied today, even with his deliberate attempt to downplay any symbol of wealth, from his shoes to his clothes.

Recently, he posted about a delayed flight and how he was stuck at the airport for three hours with another notable personality. That post provoked another debate with his alleged wealth being brought in again.

Some even share other ideas to point to the fact that the former minister wasn’t being forthright about his financial state. You can check out the post below.

One thing is clear at this point, though: Tito Mboweni wouldn’t want to be dumped into the basket most people want him in. Well, can you beat that?

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