Titose & Moliy Illuminate The Path Of Love In “Infinity” Song – Listen

Love is one theme musicians are famously fond of interrogating. It appears like there is not a day with at least one number dedicated to that theme. It is what it is.

So when Titose and Moliy decided to link up for a song with that theme, it was inevitable they should snag the attention of the listening public.

Their focus on this song is not just love but that in its supposed purity – unconditional love so to speak. But then, is there truly anything like unconditional love? People actually love for a reason, something they may not share with everyone.

The absence of pecuniary motivations does not take away the truth that “unconditional love” is a chimaera after all. Anyway, that aside, there is no doubt what the two singers wanted to do with their joint beat. It is purely subjective if they succeeded.

If you should ask us, though, we’d readily tell you that we love what they have put together. The two singers made a fine team and have released a tune that we expect will resonate with many music lovers out there. You are welcome to find out by tapping the play button. Let’s go, peeps!

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