Tiwa Savage Reacts To Leaked Sex Tape

Nigerian queen found herself at the top of the trends in the country after her sex tape was leaked online.

Expectedly, social media was massively divided on the leaked tape. While some condemened the person who leaked the video, others urged her to refuse to fall for the blackmail and just March on with her life.

Interestingly, herself was calm about the video. In a post to her Story she had addressed the leaked tape as well as the person who posted it.

Weeks earlier, the Celia” singer had claimed that someone was trying to blackmail her with the sex video. She didn’t name the person. But it was clear the person wasn’t joking when he (she?) threatened to release it.

While didn’t deny being the person in the video, she insisted that she would not be cowed and would not be blackmailed too. She had joked about the sex tape on stage and mocked the person who released it with the hope it would destroy her life and career.

isn’t the first celebs who has had to contend with the storm of a leaked sex video. But her reaction has been described as classic.

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