TNS And Prince Kaybee Are Cool Again

South African muic producer and singer, TNS and Prince Kaybee are back to being cool after an uncomfortable period of feud.

Recall that the two had a fallout last year after news broke that TNS had slept with ‘s girlfriend and even though TNS said he didn’t know he was serious with her, it didn’t stop Prince Kaybee from canceling him.

The two friends and colleagues also had issues surrounding some songs that they had co-produced. claimed that failed to pay him appropriately for the song and royalties coming in weren’t properly shared among the creatives involved, heal so claimed that he was being sidelines as he did not get enough credit for the songs.

Speaking about the issue then, ‘s manager said:

This was a personal issue that broke their professional relationship because he believed it was wrong for someone he trusted to date his ex. Prince KayBee trusted but after he found out about the affair he distanced himself from him and took everything back, including the car. He even withdrew the contract so that he can detach himself from the boy.

It appears like the entire issue has been put behind now though as Prince Kaybee paid a visit and the latter referred to him as dad.

Posting on Instagram, TNS wrote:

So that’s why I was so Down and Emotional Yesterday, The Whole Day, Dad @princekaybee_sagave me a Surprise Visit very early in the Morning when I was bored in Studio tryna Work😭❤️🙏🏾 God Knew You were coming to make My Day Today and Change The Whole Mood.

Fans of both artistes will be happy that they have put the feud behind them and will be looking for a collab from them soon. Will that happen anytime soon? Only time will tell.

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