TNS Attacked For Playing Loud Music For His New Born Baby

TNS called out for playing loud music for his baby

Mzansi hit maker, TNS gets called out for playing loud music for his baby.

If you follow Mzansi singer, songwriter, disc jockey, and producer, TNS on social media, then you know how close he is to his baby. The music star always posts photos of himself spending time with the pretty baby all over his Instagram.

While Mzansi loves clips and shots of such cuteness, they will also call you out when they feel you are doing the wrong things. The “Durban Super Hero” got a taste of that when he shared a video of himself playing his upcoming album to his baby before he left for a show.

While the post looked absolutely beautiful, his fans were pissed that he was playing loud music for his baby to hear. Of course, a lot of them thought that was wrong and called him out for it. Hopefully, he takes the advice.

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