TNS Called Out By Dj Lace

The question on every twitter user in Durban’s mind is if TNS will eventually accept DJ Lace’s challenge.

Recall that few day back TNS had gone on a wild twitter rant, basically warning Durban artists to dare challenge him if they can. Which no one came forward until DJ Lace came through for Durban accepting the challenge .

DJ Lace accepted to go head on in a music battle with TNS and asked his fans to choose their favorite song and let the DJs do a remix of it to determine who was better at production between the two.

Although TNS hasn’t made an official statement to accept the battle but a lot of fans are hoping the competition will take place between the two Disc Jockeys.

DJ Lace is a super talented DJ/ producer signed under Shoelace records and has since his debut released a lot of top notch songs.

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