“They Are Trying To Kill Me”, Afraid TNS Cries Out For His Life

TNS fears for his life and believes there are people who are trying to steal his music

TNS is afraid for his life and believes there are people who are trying to steal his music.

In the SA music industry, Disc Jockey, and Producer, TNS is well on his own lane. For some years now, the talented act has dropped some every impressive hit songs to the airwaves. He is currently still on that, as he prepares to drop his second album “Phupholethu”.

Recently, the Durban Superhero took to his Instagram stories to reveal that how much he currently fears for his life. According to him, there are people who are out to take away the things he has worked hard for. Accoridng to ZAlebs, he believes they are using mythic to get him.

He revealed they call themselves “Durban United” and also believes a WhatsApp group was created by various Durban artists who plan to steal his music. He called on all his fans to pray for him because he believes he “can’t fight this fight” alone.

He broke down on the feed saying,

They’re so many, they even formed a group… to see if this thing I cannot handle. I cannot fight. I can’t fight this fight because I’m alone. I don’t have a mother and a father,”

“They try to do all this bad things so that I quit, so that I give-up, so that I become paralysed, so that in the end, I’ll be unable to make the kind of music I made for South Africans.”

“The problem is that in all that is happening they are making fun of my work, and planning sh*t against me. Apparently, there are things that I have and I am not supposed to have… This has been bothering me. I’m not competing with anyone and if someone is competing with me (they) must come forward…

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