“TNS Owes Me Money!”- Photographer, Mohau

A photographer has called out TNS for not settling him after rendering a service.

The month of is definitely not a great start for popular musician, . The hitmaker woke up to see his name on several news headlines. And it wasn’t for a good cause. The musician was accused of not settling the bill of a photographer whom he hired to complete a project. The photographer completed the job but is yet to receive payment from Nkazimulo Ngema, popularly known by the stage name, .

Doing an unpaid job as a creative is one thing that no one yearns for. It becomes worse when the payment has been due for long. Mohau Solane, the photographer TNS hired, has been awaiting payment for his service for almost three months now. He completed the job last November and still hasn’t been settled.

The photographer is furious over the musician’s act and has called him out for not paying him his dues.

Reports have it that the photographer, who goes by the name Mohau Solane, is accusing TNS of absconding with the R1,500 fee the musician was meant to pay him for an outdoor photo shoot he did last year November.

Mohau Solane complained to Sunday World print edition:

Not so long ago he was complaining that he’s being taken advantage of, now he’s doing the same. I did media work for him in 2019 and he hasn’t paid me yet. And worse, he’s ignoring my calls!

The Umona hitmaker has been spending his time on other things. For example, the fast-rising star, after being mocked of his lifestyle, purchased a crib.

took to his page to give us a glimpse of his crib. Fans of the musician congratulated him for purchasing a crib for himself.

The fast-rising star has built a name for himself in the South Africa music scene. However, the claim made by the photographer will be of damage to his reputation.

TNS said to Sunday World that it did not ‘make sense’ for someone to drag him because of that little amount of money.

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