TNS’ Phupholethu: Abantu Last Hope Album Is Ready, May Drop Soon

TNS reveals Phupholethu: Abantu Last Hope may drop soon

TNS reveals, second studio album, “Phupholethu: Abantu Last Hope” is ready and may drop soon.

What if we told you that something you’ve been anticipating for a really long while finally happened, what would you do? Well, we don’t know about you but we would scream and jump really high.

Well, there’s big news, and we’re certain you’d love it. TNS’s very anticipated second album “Phupholethu: Abantu Last Hope” is finally ready. The talented hitmaker recently took to some of his social media pages to announce the  new update.

He wrote,

Die With Your Enemies!

Phupholethu: Abantu Last Hope Album is Done, anything can happen from now on

You don’t need to be told that that means he could drop it anytime from now. TNS has been promoting the album all over social media for a while now. According to him, it contains a total 10 tracks and would be the first and only album on which he would sing.

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