TNS Sends “Simple Warning” To Betrayers – Don’t mess with me

South African singer and producer, TNS has sent out a ‘simple warning’ to those he tagged betrayers and while he was not direct, fans will soon start putting two and two together to find out those he is referring to.

According to him, there are those who come to him to learn the rudiments of the game and as soon as they are done learning, they betray him.

His post read:

Some people believe it’s easy to be where I am. Then they try and fail come back pretend to be my friends, learn there and there when they think they know, try to betray me.

TNS himself is not a stranger to the betrayer accusations as he had been the subject of one a while back after he was accused of betraying Prince Kaybee by sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. While he claimed that he didn’t know that he was serious with the ex, Prince Kaybee found it unforgivable and split from him.

It would appear as though that is all in the past though as Prince Kaybee visited him at home recently and TNS acknowledged that the visit did him a world of good as he was bored before the visit of ‘his dad’, Prince Kaybee.

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