“Together Forever” – Jada Pinkett Speaks On Relationship With Will Smith

Those of you mocking Will Smith’s relationship with Jada may want to “shift” and face your business, as the couple would rather y’all don’t interfere in their affair as they try to patch things up with each other.

At least, the lady behind the whole controversy has just made it clear that in spite of the recent drama that enveloped her relationship with him, and despite what she said in interviews and in her book, Will Smith I  still pretty much her man and they will stay married.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett snagged headlines multiple times recently when she claimed in an interview that she has been separated from the actor for the past six years. When some of Will Smith’s fans heard that, they were enraged and denounced him as weak.

Their argument was that he had literally buried his acting career by rising to the defence of a woman from whom he had been separated for the past six years. The reference, of course, was to him popping into the Oscar sage and slapping comedian Chris Rock, who made fun of Jada’s alopecia, and being banned by the Academy, among other sanctions.

But Jada says y’all should buzz off. She’ll be with her man forever.

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