Togetherville To Splitsville: Duduzane Zuma & Shanice Stork Reportedly Headed For Divorce

When couples get together, the dream usually is to live together until death intrudes. That was perhaps also the story of Jacob Zuma;’s son and his wife Shanice Stork. The couple, who got married in 2015, is said to be headed for divorce.

Shanice Stork, according to multiple reports, felt neglected in her marriage – not getting enough attention – even as her husband appeared consumed by his political ambitions. (He is working towards becoming ’s president).

Also, according to sources, Shanice was aghast with what she considers an invasion of her space by her husband’s political associates who are always around her home for one meeting with her husband or the other. It was too much to bear.

In early 2021, she stopped living with Duduzane and moved out of their apartment. She had returned to her parent’s home soon after.

Amid the current divorce news, has said nothing – neither has Shanice. While is keen on contesting the 2024 presidential election, Shanice is unconcerned about the whole political campaign, and since she is unable to get her husband’s attention, she wants out.

It remains to be seen if the couple will resolve their differences and cement their relationship again.

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