Tokelo High School Is Set Ablaze, Panyaza Lesufi Expresses Disappointment

Panyaza Lesufi is infuriated that Tokelo High School was set alight.

Gauteng member of the executive council of education, Panyaza Lesufi, expressed disappointment on Thursday that Tokelo High School was set alight. This resulted in the burning down of four classrooms.

Lesufi’s department explained that in the early hours of Thursday morning, the principal received information about the burning school.

His office said:

Subsequently, firefighters were dispatched and managed to extinguish the fire, unfortunately, four ICT classrooms on the first floor of a block of eight classes burnt down to ashes. Sadly, learner material retrievals and new stock was temporarily stored in one room and were all destroyed by fire. The loss is estimated at approximately R4 million.

Engineers will assist the department to determine which part of the block may be utilized. Fire marshals on scene determined that the cause of the fire as arson,

said his office.

Police were also investigating on scene. Lesufi implored anyone with information to meet with the police. He expressed his hope that teaching and learning would not be impeded when the schools resume.

Lesufi stated:

We wish to reiterate our disappointment in such incidents because they really derail our plans. Reality is that we do not have funds to repair the school, the department will check what can be salvaged from the burnt school. The community must be vigilant and assist to track suspects and inform the police.

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