Tol AS$ Mo and Mome Mahlangu To Celebrate Christmas Together as a Family

Tol AS$ Mo and Mome Mahlangu will reportedly celebrate Christmas together as a family after their messy divorce.

It is indeed shocking how things change with time. Comedian Tol AS$ Mo and Mome Mahlangu excited fans when they revealed they had gotten back together after their messy divorce. Mo wrote on his Instagram page,

“We have had so many ups and downs, but love conquers all. I’m so blessed to have you back in my life I’m truly grateful for God’s mercy upon our marriage. Till death do us part forever, and always, love you.”

In a comment to Zimoja, Mome revealed they won’t be traveling but will spend the holidays together as a family. She said,

“Mo is in and out of town with work. Our plans are mostly to be outdoors in our area. We live in the wilderness with lots of outdoor activities to entertain the kids, which helps with our healing.

“Reflecting on the challenges we faced this year, a sense of tranquility is exactly what our minds, bodies, and souls need. We’ve engaged in various activities together, rediscovering the things we enjoyed before our separation. Our time has been dedicated to bonding with our extended family and cherished friends.”

She said they will still do some of the things they used to as a family,

“This holiday season, we’re sticking to our usual customs. On Christmas Eve night, we embark on the age-old tradition of cooking, followed by watching Christmas movies. Some family members join us overnight, creating a joyful atmosphere. This time of year holds significance for us as it revolves around cherished moments with family, relaxation, and visits to our loved ones.”

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