Tom Holland Denies Zendaya Breakup Rumours

“Spider-Man” star Tom Holland has denied claims that he and girlfriend Zendaya have broken up.

Fans of Zendaya and Tom Holland were left wondering about their relationship after Zen did a social media cleanse recently. They noticed that the “Dune” actress unfollowed everyone, including her boyfriend Tom Holland, on Instagram, which left them questioning if the couple is still together.

Reacting in a video obtained by TMZ, Holland said about the breakup rumors, “No, no no no absolutely not” while walking to his car in Los Angeles. Fans also noticed that Holland still follows Zen on the app. However, the actor has previously spoken about not being active on Instagram. He told Buzzfeed in June 2023 that Zendaya constantly sends him memes on Instagram. He said,

“I delete my Instagram for days at a time. I download it to post, and then I have to check my messages, and I’ll have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of things from her. And I try and keep up, but it’s intense.”

According to reports, while Holland was seen in the streets of LA on Friday, Zendaya was seen running errands with her brother Austin, also in LA. The couple is said to have started dating in July 2021.

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