Tony Forbes Present For Bail Hearing For 5 Accused In AKA Murder

It has been a difficult situation for Tony Forbes ever since the death of his famous rapper son AKA. But Uncle Tony, as he is fondly called, has shown great resilience attending the trial of those accused of murdering AKA.

Given his position as the father of the slain rapper, naturally, all eyes are usually on him, with reporters angling to hear what he has to say as the trail continues.

He was at the bail hearing of the five men accused of killing AKA and his former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

Five of the accused applied for bail but the state is looking to oppose their bail as two other accused in the case, the Nzimande brothers, are yet to be extradited from Eswatini.

Allegedly, the brothers fled to the country months ahead of the hit. But they were apprehended there anyway and faced extradition to South Africa to join other accused.

Taylor had spoken about how difficult it is to have to travel from one city to another to follow the trail. But he is showing up for the trail anyway.

By the way, AKA was shot dead at point-blank range on February 10 last year in Durban.

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