Torrent Website RARBG Shuts Down

The statement hit hard: After an unanimous vote, we’ve decided that we can no longer do it. We are sorry.  That was from the torrent site RARBG – one of the top torrent sites at some point.

Given its appeal and power, the site folding up was a big shock to many out there, but some welcomed it because it was a bay of pirated content, from movies to music to games and other content.

RARBG was founded in 2008 as a bay for downloading free movies, music and other content. Since its founding, it had grown massively and started serving an international audience. In that period, it also captured the attention of the law.

Countries like the United States, India, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Australi and several others blocked the site. Google even joined the battle against RARBG by blocking it from search.

These restrictions were not enough to force the site to shut down – as evident in its recent statement in which it cited the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war as part of its reasons for shutting down.

It noted that some of its members are fighting on either side of the conflict and some are still suffering the effects of the coronavirus. All this and more have affected operations

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