Tory Lanez Accused Running Off After Punching A Man

American singer, Tory Lanez reportedly got in a verbal altercation with a man which led to Tory throwing punches at him.

Tory Lanez recently had a live video with Justin Bieber and Bryson stiller and has absolutely no worries written on his face. In another turn of event a man by the name Joshua Benoit has called out Tory Lanez for punching him and walking away, not saying anything about what happened. Joshua shared a video on his social media page, which showed he and Tory having an altercation, with him punching Joshua on the face. The man affected said he reached out to Tory Lanez but the singer wasn’t saying anything about the matter.

See the post below;

joshuadbenoit Yo @torylanez you’re going to sucker punch me and run out after? I’m not one to take to social media about things, but I reached out to you many times and this is the only way I can get your attention. Besides, I already seen this video going around, so It is what it is. I reached out to you to resolve this like men a few times! We live in the same city… get at me. This is the last time I’ll speak on it. If anyone has the full video DM me ASAP!!

The video which lasted just a few seconds, got people talking about it and questioning the credibility of the allegations, as to them it looked all staged and the singer didn’t look like he really punched him.

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