Toss Reacts To Being Called A One-hit Wonder

Mzansi hitmaker, has reacted to being called a one-hit wonder.

The entertainment industry is known to move on from things quickly and without warning. One minute, a person or a thing catches everyone’s attention and trends, next, everyone is talking about something else. Because of this, people who have not been able to keep up have been dragged and made fun at.

It seems “Umlando” star, is not about that life. The talented muso recently gained praise for his hit song after it went viral. However, his fans are already expecting more from him. After a tweep urged him to drop something soon to avoid being called a one-hit wonder, he replied.

He revealed that he’s been putting in work for way to long to let the pressure get to him. Even it a hit does not come soon, he’s still going to keep doing his thing. Even agrees with him. Shout out to him.

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