Toss Was Star-Struck When He Met Boity

“Umlando” hitmaker Toss was starstruck when he met Boity Thulo.

Have you ever met someone you admire so much? Now be honest, what did you do when you met them? We will be formal and keep our answers to ourselves for the sake of decorum. LoL.

“Umlando” star Toss may be a Piano celebrity, but he went gaga when he met Boity. Well, everyone goes crazy when they meet Boity. Yes, she’s Boity Thulo, the queen. The “Own Your Throne” star posted a video of them meeting officially for the first time on her Instagram page. The video already had over one million views.

It shows Toss going out of his mind as he couldn’t believe he met the rapper. He even exclaimed that it meant he made it in life. Boity was stunned at his reaction and kept laughing all through. Toss still reacted with several emojis in the comments section. Check out the video below.

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