Touchline Hails Kwesta For Including Him On The 16th Bar Music Concert Lineup

Touchline & Ginger Trill ft Mandy ZA – Amen

South African rapper Touchline is pleased that his compatriot and older colleague Kwesta included him in his 16th Bar Music Concert.

Concerts are one way musicians link up with their fans and get closer to them – you know, feel the pulse of their support and literally see things for themselves. it is also one of the nest ways to built affinity, as the audience gets t feel a closeness with their idols that they would not have felt from simply listening to their songs online or on their devices.

However, only a few artists ultimately have the empowerment to hold concerts of their own. They provoke goodwill by asking other musicians to be a part of their show – as just happened.

Taking to Instagram, the rapper nit only thanked Kwesta but also described him as his idol. Apparently, Touchline never had mentors as nhe ventured into the industry but had to claw his way to the place he is today. You can check out his post below.

Touchline thanking Kwesta for the inclusion will likely engender a greater bond between them and provoke Kwesta to look again in his direction when he wants a collaborator.

Well, get ready for the imminent concert.