Touchline Shares How It Feels To Be Adored By DJ Zinhle

SA Hip Hop star Touchline has opened up about how it feels to be adored by “Umlilo” star DJ Zinhle.

Touchline has grown to be one of the most appreciated rappers in the game. The “Actions Over Captions” star is a star’s star, and his music has earned him a seat at the table.

Appearing on Zingah’s Choppin It With Bhuda T Podcast, he was asked how it feels to have stars like DJ Zinhle showing him love. He said, “at the end of the day is validation because a lot of guys in the game never truly validated me. So it was almost like, okay I feel like I’m good, but they were not giving me that thing to feel that I’m good.”

He also spoke about only getting validation from people outside Hip Hop. “It will always be people, its normally actors, soccer players, DJs and it will never be my OGs,”

He continued, “Somebody mentioned to me that it shouldn’t be a shock because whether it’s a DJ Zinhle or it’s an upcoming DJ, you still appeal to the human in them. Like a lot of what you say is still relevant or it’s still relatable to them because they are humans,” 

People often look at celebrities as not humans, but at the end of the day, Zinhle’s favourite song, the one she used to caption the most was Actions Over Captions. I think it’s possibly because it gives her the feeling that she can conquer anything because people use that stuff in the gym bro.

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