Tourism Boom As Taylor Swift Gears Up For Eras Tour In Singapore

At this point in her career, she is already an icon, so almost everything she does grabs attention globally, and people are most often trying to follow her lead or associate with her one way or the other.

On those counts, it perhaps shouldn’t surprise anyone that she is causing a tourism boom in Singapore with her Eras tour which sees her perform in the country.

The Eras tour takes the songstress through multiple countries of which Singapore is one. A common joke right now is that there is a “Taylor-made” (obviously a play on tailor-made, with her name as key) tourism boom in Singapore as a result of her tour.

Over 300k of her fans from the Asian country, as well as from other countries, are expected to attend her show at the National Stadium in March.

As she gears up for her performance, so do her fans to see her. According to AFP, citing The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts and the Fairmont Hotel, there have been spikes in demand for rooms as a result of the concert.

If nothing else, it shows that Taylor Swift has a dedicated fan base who are prepared to do what they can to support her.

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