Towdee Mac Educates Fans On The Differences Between Singles, Mixtapes, EPs, & LPs

Music producer, sound engineer and singer Towdee Mac had a didactic session with fans just recently, probably without formal plans for the outcome.

In a thread the songster, who had delighted fans with a picture of his family a day ago, shared the differences between musical terms. The songster broke down the difference between mixtapes, EPs, LPs and singles.

He described an EP (extended play) is referring to the play speed of a vinyl record vis-à-vis the SP or standard play and LP or long play. He averred that meaning of EP has evolved markedly over the years.

He also admitted that the term single has evolved markedly as well. According to him, previously the term referred to remixes and acapellas. Now, according to him, the term refers to single tracks as well as an EP of 4 to 6 tracks of thirty minute’s duration, or less.

Additionally, singles might refer to refer to the of 7 tracks that play for thirty minutes or less.

He thinks of the mixtape as basically a promotional giveaway away project to introduce an artiste to the streets

You can check out the thread in the screenshots below and share your thoughts on it in the comment section.

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