TOWIE Star Lydia Bright’s Sister In Sepsis Scare, Rushed To Hospital

The Only Way Is Essex’s Lydia Bright’s family had a scare of sorts after Lydia’s sister Georgia had to be rushed to the hospital over a medical emergency dubbed sepsis.

It was something no one saw coming and what their mum would admit in speaking later about the situation. Debbie indicated that Georgia is the outgoing type but has been unwell recently. She was diagnosed with tonsilitis but her condition deteriorated rapidly.

She was moved to the family home, from where she was eventually moved to the emergency department when her condition worsened. It was eventually determined that she was suffering from sepsis – a close shave, as some tweeps on social media have called it because sepsis is no joke and has snatched lives in the past

Reflecting on what had happened, Debbie would note that most times we take a lot of things for granted, thinking they are just little and would go away. But then, life happens and we realize we have to be kinder to our bodies and look out for ourselves and respond accordingly.

There is, after all, only one life. Anyway, for Georgia, it is happy survival

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