Toya Delazy Honours Her Great-Great-Great-Grandfather uCestshwayo

Toya Delazy honours her great-great-great-grandfather by lighting a candle on his blue plaque in London.

Toya Delazy Honours Her Great-Great-Great-Grandfather uCestshwayo

South African singer, pianist, and dancer, Toya Delazy, is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Zulu King uCestshwayo. The singer has taken out time to light a candle on her great-great-great grandfather’s blue plaque in London.

Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi, popularly known by the stage name Toya Delaxy, relocated to England a few years ago.

The blue plaque is embedded on the pavement in London and it is an honour given to prominent people and pioneers.

The singer reminded us how her Cetshwayo had prevented our colonialism centuries ago by defeating the British army.

Toya Delazy wrote:

Hlonipani Idlozi – on this day Isilo uCetshwayo my great great great grandfather led the Zulus to victory and annihilated the British Army in iSandlwana being in London I had the blessing from my grandad the great grandson of King Cetshwayo to lay reeds at his blue plaque today in honour of his bravery – only the cream of the crop get a blue plaque he is amoungst peeps I idolise like Jimmy Hendricks eeeek…. So it was an honour to lay the first wreath and light a candle and leave good smelling incense to the King that changed the course of colonial History – We Africans must celebrate our Ancestors who fought and died for our liberation so we were not colonized. How dare we vilify them after risking it all for us. I can stand proudly in London today because of thier sacrifice. At the end of the day how much do you love yourself and how far will you go to stand for yourself … As a matter of fact who are you ? And ufunani? I hope this tradition will continue and if you ever visit London Go pay your respects izindlela zakho zibe Mhlophe qwa … I think my life has been revolutionised ever since I took my African Precolonial history seriously and went back to the roots. Colonization made us dumb as fuck – it’s time to take it back and choose self love . I love you African . Vuka ‼️ uPhahle👁️ uBangene🏃🏿‍♀️

The singer also revealed that her life has been transformed since she took her pre-colonial history with interest.

Earlier this month, Toya Delazy took to social media to reveal that she is happy to recovering at home after she went through an operation to remove precancerous cells found in her body. She explained that during her routine PAP smear, the cells were discovered. She is grateful that she scaled through the operation alive as the doctors removed precancerous cells from her body.