Toya Delazy Talks Similarities in Zahara’s Contract & Hers

Toya Delazy opens up about the similarities in Zahara’s label contract and hers and why she went independent.

Toya Delazy has been doing so well on her own, and she has had her fair share of struggles. The “Pump It On” star recently opened up about how similar her contract was to Zahara’s, which led the star to a drinking phase.

She wrote,

“I had the exact same deal.”

“This is why it is important to support artists that go independent. Of course, it’s not gonna look the same without the industry machine, but if the fans and public were genuine, independence would not be a death sentence but rather the natural progression as we all had to start somewhere from being unknown.”

She spoke about how artists are ostracized when they go independent.

“Instead, they cuss us and say we fell off, and when you stand up to the labels, they put you on pause, so no one hears your music anywhere anymore.”

She bade Zahara farewell and reminisced on their come-up.

“Rest in peace, Zahara. It really hurt to get the news you are no more, condolences to your family and fans, nami as your peer, I’m really gonna miss you, when we were coming up, it was such a revolutionary time, and you changed so many lives.”

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