Traditional Healers Should Be Given A Chance, Gigi Lamayne On Covid-19

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Gigi Lamayne suggests the Government seeks out traditional means to get a cure for Coronavirus.

A lot individuals have given the option of traditional medicine to getting a cure for the virus. Gigi Lamayne also touching on the matter said traditional healers should be conducted to find a cure to the pandemic.

The Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization couple of Months back after the death toll of the virus kept on increasing across the globe. Most countries are now on lockdown to help cut the spread chain and it is having adverse effect on the country’s economy, due to the fact that economic activities had to close down.

Gigi in seeking a lasting solution to the pandemic took to her twitter page to make the suggestion.

See post below;

@Gigi_Lamayne · Am I the only one who feels like we need to give traditional healers a listening ear when it comes to #Covid_19 ? Maybe there are suggestions, dreams, traditional formulas from the ancestors. 🀷🏾‍♀️

As medical science has not been able to create a lasting solution, people are hoping the tradition means might help.