Trapped: Open Mic Productions Replies Makhadzi Over Contract Controversy

At this rate, it is looking like one week, one dram in Makhadzi’s battle with Open Mic Productions, the record label to which she was previously signed.

Just recently, she claimed that Open Mic Productions had got gotten in touch with her about a possible renewal of her contract after it expired a month ago. As a result, she had decided that her contract with the label was technically over and she would be doing things solo.

Thereafter, she had taken to social media to claim that she did not get a dime from her three-year contract with the record label. Se even addressed the situation on the red carpet of the recently concluded Metro FM Music Awards while speaking with Somizi. She urged the label to release the money owed her.

In a new twist to the whole drama and contradiction to her claims, the record label had issued a statement in which it noted that Makhadzi’s contract with the label subsists because she had signed an “auto-renewable” contract, meaning that the contract renews automatically until such a time that the record label decides to end it.

This has led some social media users to note that she is trapped in her contract with the label.

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