“Traumatised” Pearl Thusi Throws Shade At Botswana Yarona FM Music Awards

South African media personality Pearl Thusi has just thrown a shade at Botswana Yarona FM Music Awards, which she was co-opted to host alongside Yarona FM host, Sway Tha DJ.

According to reports, she walked off after just 10 minutes on the stage. Thereafter, she took to social media where she shaded the awards without giving clues as to the reason for her action. And although some fans wanted to know and asked directly, she merely left a laughing emoji without telling them.

However, some tweeps insinuated that she was not given a proper changing room for the award and it rubbed her off the wrong way, forcing her to discontinue her engagement with the show. She left soon after.

Despietedly reportedly being upset with how she was treated and sading the organisers of the award as a result, she had nothing but love for her Botswana fans, whom she showed affection in her post and thanked as well.

With this incident, the songstress joins a list of South African entertainers and other celebs who have walked out from a show for one reason or the other.

By the way, the organizers of the award had yet to comment on her actions at the time of writing

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