Trevor Noah Laughs As Mexico Airport Security His Afro Comb

When there is a little misunderstanding, an airport becomes a lace of drama – as we see happen again and again. For South African comedian and media personality, his own drama played out recently when the security at a Mexican airport confiscated his afro comb.

Taking to his page soon after the incident, the funnyman shared a picture of the security people who confiscated his afro comb. In his caption to his post, he noted that the security had told him they don’t know what it is.

A laughing emoji showed that he was probably amused by what they told him about the confiscated comb. The comedian had travelled to Mexico after a successful first leg of his Off The Record comedy tour in Atlanta. You can check out the picture below.

Despite the confiscation of his comb, Trebvor Noagh was still in high spirits and shared several other pictures of his trip to Mexico City. He was so pleased with his trip that he hailed the Mexican people and their foods as the best.

He didn’t reveal if he got his comb back or whether he is back in the United States. But as someone pointed out, his post has clued others in on what not to take across the border.

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