Trevor Noah On Alleged “Beef” With Kanye West

It has often been said that Trevor Noah has a longstanding beef with Kanye West. This claim was especially resonant because he had used a segment of The Daily Show to address the controversial rapper’s treatment of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Well, The Daily Show Host had the opportunity to speak on the alleged beef with the “Donda” during a recent interview. And he dismissed having any beef with West, who recently changed his name to Ye.

Delving into some detail, Noah stated that his understanding of a beef is that it goes both ways and is something often associated with the hip hop universe. And he’s not even a part of that universe.

He affirmed that he has no beef whatsoever with the rapper. He was only concerned about him. He further noted that his grandfather was bipolar and when he was having an episode, all they could do was support him.

Although he referenced his grandfather, he neither claimed nor denied that Kanye West is bipolar.

Trevor Noah recently announced he is exiting The Daily Show to focus on other things in life. He had also laughed off rumors that he is dating the British singer Dua Lipa.

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