Trevor Noah Reacts To Claims His Dating Dua Lipa

Did Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa pull a fast one on the world? A while back, they were all flirty all over the place. But The Daily Show host appeared to have frozen expectations with him laughing off claims that he’s dating the singer.

Noah, who was originally born in South Africa, made headlines months ago when was photographed kissing the “One Kiss” singer. The world had latched on to that moment and started dreaming of a relationship between them.

The English singer had not helped matters because she was equally flirtatious as well. Burt with Noah laughing off rumors that he’s dating the singer, what would fans expect now?

During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Noah dwelled on several subjects including some of the rumors about his life. However, when it came to a question about his relationship with Dua Lipa.

Noah had no direct answer to that, He merely laughed while also noting that noting his amazement at the power held by the press. Left to him, he would have preferred not to be so famous so that he can at least eat his tacos in peace.

By the way, Noah recently announce he will be leaving The Daily Show to focus on other things.

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