Trevor Noah says Dutch Airline Lost His Luggage As He Shares Time In Paris

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South African comedian Trevor Noah reveals Dutch Airline Transavia lost his luggage as he shares snaps from his time in Paris.

If you’ve been wondering what Trevor Noah is up to these days, all you have to do is check his Instagram. The famous comedian and host recently spent time in Paris and loved it. He also shared snaps on Instagram for his followers to see.

It seems the way there wasn’t all rosy. Noah revealed that the Dutch Airline Transavia lost his luggage and still hadn’t found it throughout his time in Paris. He thanked the beautiful city for showing him love and support while he was there.

According to him, even though he did not expect anything, his expectations were exceeded. From the snaps he shared, it seems he spent a lot of time touring the city, eating roasted corn, visiting the Eiffel Tower, and just having fun. Check them out below.